Professional Development Recordings and Resources

Recordings and Resources for Previous Sessions:

Recordings and resources for previous sessions covering:

  • Training Accreditation Council Processes
  • Unpacking the Standards for RTOs
  • Course Accreditation
  • TAC Risk Framework

Training Accreditation Council Processes


Becoming an RTO

Want to be a registered training organisation (RTO) but don't know where to start?


Preparing for Audit

The aim of this webinar is to provide you with information that will help you to understand why and how the Training Accreditation Council implements the audit process and what you can do to help make the experience a positive one for your organisation.


Managing and Amending RTO Scope

This webinar addresses some of the challenges faced by RTOs in managing scope and preparing applications for amendments to scope. 


Unpacking the Standards for Registered Training Organisations

​Assessment - A four part series

1.  Design and Development of an Assessment System 

This session provides information on the design and development of assessment systems with an emphasis on; the fundamentals of competency-based assessment, key drivers, and the shaping and documenting of assessment systems.

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2.  Designing and Using Assessment Tools

This session provides information on the design and development of assessment tools to gather evidence that can be used to make judgements of competence.

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​3.  Making an Assessment Decision

This workshop provides RTOs with practical and specific information to support the use of assessment tools to gather good evidence, making valid assessment judgements with that evidence, and recording the evidence and outcomes. In addition, specific information to support a fair and effective assessment appeals process and how appeals about assessment decisions can be managed, will be covered.

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4. ​ Assessment Validation - recording available soon

This session provides practical information on how to develop and implement a comprehensive plan for ongoing and systematic validation of assessment for training products on an RTOs scope. In addition, the following topics including who should be involved in assessment validation, what is a statistically valid sample, the process for gathering evidence and making judgements and documenting assessment validation outcomes are also addressed.


Designing RTO Training & Assessment Strategies 

This interactive workshop guides participants through the process of developing a strategy by using a detailed case study.


Distance and Online Training and Assessment

This webinar is designed to highlight the drivers of distance, online and blended training and assessment and the opportunities these modes of delivery offer RTOs - tempered by an awareness of associated risk.


Industry Engagement

Vocational education and training (VET) is about skilling people for industry and for the workplace with the expectation that at the completion of training the learner is work ready. This means that the training and assessment delivered by RTOs should accurately reflect workplace requirements. This workshop will explore strategies to plan and undertake industry engagement. Examples of effective industry engagement will be discussed to assist RTOs to consider their own practices.


Managing RTO Complaints and Appeals

This webinar provides guidance on how to successfully manage complaints through the implementation of an effective complaint handling system and appeals processes.

Reasonable Adjustment and Inclusive Practice 
This session aims to assist RTO trainers, assessors and managers to understand reasonable adjustment in teaching, learning and assessment, relevant legislation and regulation, reasonable adjustment throughout the learner's journey with an RTO, maintaining integrity of outcome standards and keeping records of reasonable adjustment processes.

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) 

This workshop deals with common misunderstandings and confusions about RPL and related concepts, examines the requirements of the Standards, then presents an approach to RPL that supports the needs of the individual, industry, the RTO, the Training Package and the Standards.


RTO Governance - Driving Quality Through Good Business Practice

This session covers the broader issues of RTO governance including RTO business processes, record management and third party agreement management.


RTO Marketing – Is your marketing accessible, accurate and informative?

The workshop aims to increase the capability of RTOs and their staff in understanding marketing requirements for RTOs, as prescribed in the Standards for RTOs


TAC Event 2022 - Supporting Quality in the VET Sector

The TAC Event was hosted on 18 May 2022 and offered TAC RTOs and their staff opportunity to explore topics to help achieve quality training and delivery, meet TAC Secretariat staff and network with other RTOs. This recording comprises of presentations by the Council's chairperson, Director, TAC Secretariat and two workshop sessions:

  1. Strategies for quality training and delivery; and
  2. Assessment - avoiding the pitfalls.

Third Party Arrangements - The provision of services on behalf of RTOs

This workshop acknowledges the valuable role third parties play in the delivery of VET services on behalf of RTOs and provide details on what an RTO must do when they engage third parties.


Understanding the TAC Users' Guide to the Standards for RTOs

This workshop focuses on the purpose and structure of the latest edition of the Guide and how it can be utilised to maximise its usefulness to you and your organisation. While the Standards for RTOs apply to all RTOs, the Guide and workshop contain some information specific to TAC's policies and processes.


Understanding Training Packages 

This workshop explores the components of a training package and how to interpret them, covering key topics including information on qualifications and how they are specified, units of competency and what they include, guidance to support the use of training packages, accredited courses, transition and scope.


Understanding Vocational Competence and Industry Currency

This workshop will help you to understand the concepts and apply simple processes in your RTO to make sure your trainers and assessors meet the requirements for providing quality training and assessment to your students.

Course Accreditation


The Course Accreditation Process

The aim of this webinar is to provide you with information that will help you to understand the course accreditation process.


Developing Units of Competency for Accredited Courses

This workshop provides practical guidance on the principles and technical requirements for developing units which meet the Standards for Training Packages.


TAC Risk Framework


The TAC Risk Framework – a risk based approach to managing and responding to risk

This presentation focuses on TAC's risk based approach, including how TAC manages and responds to risk.


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