Amend an accredited course

​​​​Applications to amend accredited courses must be submitted on the prescribed ACC2 Application for Amendment ​to Accredited Course form.

Applications must include the following documents:

  • completed ACC2 Application Form describing the proposed amendments to the course
  • a non-watermarked copy of the original ACC1 Application for Course Accreditation/Reaccreditation form, with proposed changes highlighted or tracked
  • amended course documents, with proposed changes highlighted or tracked (if applicable)

If the amendment application is approved by the C​ouncil the amended course documents will be watermarked and sent to the course owner. If required, the National Register will be amended accordingly.

Please email applications and related documents to​.

Application forms and supporting documents are available from this page, and the Policies and Guidelines page.

The fees that apply to course amendments are available on the Application fees page.

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