Accredit or reaccredit a VET course

​​​​The Council will only accredit courses that meet the AQTF Standards for Accredited Courses. Applications for the accreditation or reaccreditat​​ion of VET courses can only be submitted by the course owner(s).

Applications for accreditation/reaccreditation must be submitted using the prescribed form and templates​ (see below) and must include documentary evidence of:

  • industry support for the course has been gathered from industry stakeholders that are independent of the course owner and have a stake in the outcomes produced by the proposed course

  • recognition given to the course by regulatory, professional or industry bodies (if applicable)

  • consultation with stakeholders to evaluate the course for continuing relevance and how feedback from the consultations has been taken into account in the revised course (for reaccreditation)

TAC Secretariat staff and accreditation reviewers may contact any person or organisation deemed necessary to conduct a full assessment of an application.

If you wish to use modules in your accredited course please complete the Module Approval Form and submit to TAC before progressing with the application.

Please email completed applications and supporting documents to

Application forms and supporting documents are available from this page, and the Policies and Guidelines page.

The fees that apply to accreditation are available on the Application fees page.

More information:
Course Accreditation Application Process Flowchart

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