Stage 5: Accreditation of course

​​​Accreditation is generally granted by the Council for a period of five years, unless special circumstances warrant a lesser duration​.

When course accreditation is granted, the Council will provide the copyright owner with a letter and certificate specifying the details of the accredited course. The approved ACC1 Application for Course Accreditation or Reaccreditation form and course documents are watermarked and returned to the course owner. The course is also allocated a national code and listed on the National Register. Please note that reaccredited courses will be allocated a new national code.

Only registered training organisations (RTOs) are able to deliver accredited courses. If an RTO has accredited a course that  it intends to deliver, the RTO must apply to its registering body to add the accredited (or reaccredited course) to its scope of registration.

Course owners who are not RTOs will need to consider either registering to become an RTO or making arrangements with an already established RTO to deliver the course.

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Last modified: 2/04/2015 1:28 PM