​​​Update superseded items from scope

Changes to training package products (qualifications and/or units of competency) are defined as either 'equivalent' or 'not equivalent' by the relevant Industry Skills Service Organisations (SSOs).

Equivalent training products

When a new or revised training package is released, TAC identifies all qualifications and units of competency that have been determined by the relevant SSO as being ‘equivalent’ to the superseded product. Equivalent products will be automatically added to your scope of registration without requiring an application or a fee.

TAC will work as quickly as possible to ensure the new products are placed on your scope when a revised training package is released on the National Register (www.training.gov.au). You will be advised by email once your scope has been updated.

You are required to review the training package changes that have occurred and make the required resource adjustments. You should continue to deliver the superseded product until you are ready to deliver the new equivalent product within the 12 month transition period.

If you do not wish to have the new, equivalent product on scope you can choose to opt-out through a simple application process. There is no fee for this.

If you have removed the new equivalent product from your scope of registration, but want to add it again within 12 months of the new product being published on the national register, you can apply to TAC to add this product without being charged a fee. If you apply to add the new equivalent product more than 12 months after its publication, this is counted as an application to add a new item to scope and the relevant fee will apply. 

Please note this policy does not apply to accredited courses.  An application to amend scope must be submitted to TAC to add any accredited courses to your scope. Relevant fees apply.


Not equivalent training products

When an SSO deems a new training product to be 'not-equivalent' to the superseded product TAC considers this adding a new item to scope.

The new training product can be added to your scope by applying to TAC through the RTO Portal.   

A risk assessment will determine whether an audit is necessary.

The standard fees apply when applying to add the new item to scope.  Refer to the TAC fees and charges schedule for details.


Transition Arrangements

Learner transition and teach-out

When a training product is superseded all learners training and assessment should be completed or the learners should be transferred into its replacement within 12 months from the date the replacement product is released on the national register.

If a qualification is no longer current and has not been superseded all learners training and assessment must be completed within 2 years from the date the qualification was removed or deleted from the national register.

Please refer to TAC's Fact Sheet on Transition and Teach Out


Applications to extend transition periods

The Council will, from time to time, consider requests to extend the transition period of a superseded training product. The Council will only consider requests:

  • From RTOs or industry groups (not learners);

  • For a specific superseded training product or products;

  • For a specific cohort of learners (e.g. plumbing apprentices currently enrolled in a specific qualification that has been superseded);

  • That demonstrate the cohort of learners would be genuinely disadvantaged if the application were not approved; and

  • Accompanied by evidence of support from the Skills Service Organisation of the training product and where applicable, support from the State Training Authority (e.g. where trainees/apprentices are affected) and the Department of Education (where school students are affected).

If a request to extend the transition period is approved, the approval will be published on the Council's website. The arrangement will apply to all RTOs scoped to deliver the training product, regardless of who made the request.

Requests should be sent to the Manager Regulation via tac@dtwd.wa.gov.au.

To view the list of training products approved for extended transition, click here.

Last modified: 18/08/2021 9:00 AM