Evidence Review Report

Where an audit report identifies non-compliance, TAC may grant the provider the opportunity to provide additional evidence within a specified timeline to demonstrate compliance.

Where the overall level of non-compliance is considered minor, significant or critical, RTOs have 20 working days from the date of receipt of an audit report to provide additional evidence to the Auditor.  Non-compliances that are considered critical with a risk of injury or death may receive a reduced timeframe for provision of evidence as outlined in the Management of Critical Non-Compliance Policy.

It is up to the RTO or applicant to determine what evidence it submits to demonstrate compliance with the Standards for RTOs. To assist Auditors, the evidence provided must be clearly referenced to the Standards/clauses to which the non-compliances relate.

More information on the level of non-compliance, how an Auditor determines the overall level of non-compliance, what to do when a non-compliance has been identified and how to address the non-compliances is available in the Managing Non-Compliance against the Standards for RTOs Fact Sheet. 

The evidence provided will be reviewed by the Auditor against the Standards for RTOs. The Auditor is required to provide a report to TAC outlining the outcomes of the rectification. This report is referred to as the Evidence Review report.  The report will indicate whether the RTO has remaining non-compliance or has been able to demonstrate compliance.

If the RTO or applicant does not provide the evidence to the Auditor by the nominated date, the Auditor will submit an evidence review report indicating that all non-compliances remain outstanding.  

Last modified: 10/05/2021 3:43 PM